Lumber Graph Chart

Beginning in 1996 Silverado Framing and Construction, Inc. has been tracking the weekly price of lumber. This information provides our clients with a benchmark of the current lumber prices for a given week in the year.

The chart represents pricing per 1,000 board feet and represents an average two story house of 19,350 total board feet. You may also print or download the chart by choosing the download and/or print button.

Silverado Framing & Construction Inc

WEEK ENDING 10/13/17

The tone of trading slowed this week as buyers continued do their best to wait out the market. SYP lumber appears to be giving ground now, while supply continues to be tight on some DF items. OSB is still firm, but secondaries are beginning to show more availability than in previous weeks. Trucking continues to be a real issue – even loads that are prompt are taking extended time to arrange trucking, and at considerable premiums. Rumors that FEMA is paying top dollar in the southern markets for prompt trucks appear true as supply is ultra tight and prices are climbing. Plan ahead or be without wood my friends!

is a publication provided by The Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, Inc.

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